June 2020 












Elizabeth's short film, "Surprise!" is an official selection of the 

Micromania Film Festival

It will be streaming online during  MFF's July 18th online event as well as on Micromania's channels before hand. Click on the link above for more info on this rad festival! 


May 2020









Elizabeth collaborated with stop motion animator/visual artist Warrencito. Their short film  

"New York Struggling Feline"  was one of twenty-five "Artists Against Anxiety" winners (there were over 700 submissions.) This contest was to promote animal anxiety awareness and help financially aid out of work artists due to the Covid-19 shelter in place.

Give the short a watch by clicking the link below. 










March 2020












Elizabeth traveled with the Improbable Players to middle schools and high schools in New York and New Jersey. The Improbable Players uses theater performances and workshops to address addiction, alcoholism, and the opioid epidemic. 


For more information, click on the link to the acting troupe's website below. 

Improbable Players



February 2020 













Elizabeth's short film "Surprise!" screened at the New Ohio Theatre Film Festival. "Surprise!" is part of an anthology of short films created by Elizabeth Bays and David Zayas Jr., "Bitsy's Bits." 


Check out the "Bitsy's Bits" trailers and teasers at the website below. 

Bitsy's Bits the Series

Micromania Film Festival Selection
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