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" Elizabeth Bays played Wendy with an ethereal charm that

suffused the whole air of fantasy needed for this effort."

-Charles J. Morgan

Times Beacon Record 


"The cast has a hard task with odd dialog but they are up to the task, especially Hirota as the android, and Elizabeth Bays  who plays a disturbed child-like genius in the latter half of the show."  

- Charles Battersby

Eizabeth Bays was a stand out for me as Virginia Reed. Bays delivered young "Ginny's" bizarre but entertaining oscillations  between innocence and adult curiousity with a wide-eyed seriousness, and her elementary understanding pf the situation was an impetus for a lot of the play's bigger, more philosophical moments." 

-Weston Clay

"Elizabeth Bays...remarkable as the woman child dressed like a baby doll. She is frighteningly childish with a sadistic side." - 

Richard Hinojosa

"And there are characters to care about...a technology obsessed woman child named Penelope...played well by Elizabeth Bays....respectively."

-Mitch Montgomery

"Dressed like a deranged Alice in Wonderland and half Queen of Hearts, Bays gives a manic convincing go at a uniquely bizarre authority figure. By the time we reach her in Motherboard our sense of reality is so altered that we can accept her rule in an upside down world. I"ll leave it to the audience to experience Penelope." -Kaila Hale Stone

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